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15 March 2007

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Bron on fog.
Lovely evocative shot ally. I remember you from AM3 a few years back! cheers Bron

e. on fog.
i love the effect the fog has on this wonderful scene.

Alvin on fog.
Wow this is really lovely. I love the old-school feel of this image.

Babul Bhatt on travelogue (3)
I know Genting is in Malaysia! I meant that its a shame that I didn't visit Genting while living so closeby; that ...

d on travelogue (2)
A really good shot of one of the amazing works of nature :)

d on travelogue (7)
Wow, just fabulous :)

Yunyu on stop and stare #3
Oooh i love the detail!!!! btw,just curious what happened to the chinatown man picture you took longgg ago?

vu@granby - Alain Berger on stop and stare #3
Very good macro, but I do'nt want it in my house !!!

KMF on stop and stare #3
wounderfull dof i love this shot

Dawn Sutherland on stop and stare #3
Effective but ewww :)

{H} creatives on stop and stare #3
Hello Ally, your macros are amazing! I don't think I have the patience...B-) Cheers always from Silicon Valley - ...

melly on stop and stare #3
ally! ur pics are nice... but wat's with bugs? haha... nice shot! =P

KMF on stop and stare #3
wounderfull macro shot

Rabbit on stop and stare #3
looks like hes coming out of the fog.

e. on stop and stare #3
Great detail!

Wenyao on stop and stare #3
So much for shaky hands =P Look at those eyes! such detail (:

Kelela on stop and stare #1
Woa, if you got any closer he'd be in your mouth- yikes!!! This is just dandy; what an awesome shot!

Wenyao on stop and stare #2
Beautiful capture! (: like the "natural surrounding" compared to the white background. Bokeh makes it ever so ...

e. on stop and stare #2
Another incredible macro!

Twelvebit on details
I hope you didn't tell your parents anything like what our son told us. He said if he flunked any of his exams we ...

Twelvebit on stop and stare #2

Ahmad on stop and stare #2
thanks for visit my blog.... nice macrography!

clarence on stop and stare #1
I like it!

clarence on stop and stare #2
fantastic macro!

Tilala on stop and stare #2
Marvellous macro ! I'm a little bit afraid....

drphoto on stop and stare #2
Did you keep him in the container and move him here or had he signed a model release from by this stage ;) Dan

Tse Min on stop and stare #2
yucks!!! but then again, great macro!!

linus. on stop and stare #2
haha.. another good shot. looks like i accidentally revealed the title of the sequel on my previous post. sorry. :p

rem_la on stop and stare #2
superbe macro !

e. on stop and stare #1
Wonderful close-up!

tyan on stop and stare #1
wow a brilliant capture indeed!

Rabbit on details
Dizzly Delicious Detail.

Rabbit on stop and stare #1
Great - capture! ah ha! its got some pinchers on'em i don't want to get near. eeeeep

Mandy on stop and stare #1
Cool macro Ally....I can't wait to see the others

linus. on stop and stare #1
"...yeah i know that everyone gets scared." haha.

niña on stop and stare #1
amazingly creepy! very good macro shot! look at those eyes!

Viewfinder on stop and stare #1
Wow, it looks mean. Very good you're bigger that it is, or there might be trouble.

Illuci on stop and stare #1
Help!, I cannot move from your site anymore because I'm hypnotized! I have to ask my wife to switch off the pc. ...

Tse Min on details
I think it's a flower tooo.

Tse Min on stop and stare #1
Wicked macro! Can see all the fine details... freaky!

Rags on stop and stare #1
wow! superb DOF.

Tricia on stop and stare #1
eeks the compound eyes are freaky.

Richard_Irwin on so close, and still so far
Love the way your image title says so much with this image.

linus. on as the sky fades into dawn...
well said. haha. this is really a wonderful shot.

tyan on so close, and still so far
haha, cow boy and maid weaver!:)

Jeffster on details
It's an Asiatic Lily (I think), although it really looks like a slice of watermelon.

drphoto on so close, and still so far
What a romantic you are =D)

linus. on so close, and still so far

{H} creatives on details
Amazing colors...other worldly. Cheers - {H} p.s. sorry it took so long to return the visit. B-)

li min on details
flowers from your mum!

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