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you can see right through me

Posted by
ally (: (Singapore, Singapore) on 12 July 2007 in Animal & Insect.

almost, anyway. haha. this translucent yellow spider was on the car windscreen. my mum was dropping me off when i caught sight of it. since i was going to be late if i didn't hurry to catch the bus, i'd quickly whipped out my trusty ixus and snapped just 1 shot of it.

a couple of days later, i saw yet another yellow spider on the window of a bus. unfortunately, i didnt have either of my cams with me, so yep. couldn't add yet another yellow spidey to my (growing) collection. in fact, that spider seemed quite at home on the bus window - it was quite happily spinning a web for itself.

going back to the translucency of the pictured spider, i guess sometimes we're like that aren't we? figuratively, of course! lol. we can hardly hide our emotions from others, no matter hard we try. but maybe being 'transparent' is the way to go: what's the point of disguising what you truly feel? lying won't help anything, nor will denial.

honesty, though painful initially, will save you a lot of trouble later on (:

"Better is open rebuke than hidden love."
Proverbs 27:5